Become a Load Retailer

Become a Load Retailer: Easy Steps to Start a Busines

Erina Cahya, 24 Nov 2023

What is a Load Retailer?

Load Retailers are individuals or small businesses selling prepaid mobile credits, acting as intermediaries between users and telecom companies like Globe, Smart, or Sun. Equipped with a special SIM card, they facilitate the purchase of mobile credits in various denominations, providing access to calling texting, and data services for mobile phone users in countries like the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

Becoming a Load Retailer is a common and accessible business venture, allowing individuals and small businesses to earn commissions for each transaction. Additionally, load retailer may enjoy the perks of reward programs offered by telecom companies, making it a profitable opportunity in regions where prepaid mobile services are widely used.


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How Do I Become a Load Retailer?

How Do I Become a Load Retailer
How Do I Become a Load Retailer

Getting started as a Load Retailer is easy and rewarding. If you are interested in offering prepaid load services with telecom giants like Globe, Smart, or Sun, here's a simple guide in five steps to help you navigate the process smoothly. Let's dive in!

1. Select a Telecom Provider

Choose a reliable telecom provider, such as Globe, Smart, or Sun, by considering factors like coverage, promotions, and ease of use. Alternatively, you can also choose an application that enables you to sell loads from various providers.

2. Prepare Necessary Documents

Gather essential documents like valid IDs and proof of residence. Different telecoms may have specific requirements, so check their website or inquire at a local store.

3. Register as an Authorised Retailer Partner

Head to an authorised retailer partner location, such as a store affiliated with your chosen telecom. If you're opting for an application, make sure to register and fulfil the terms. These partners are equipped to assist individuals interested in becoming load retailers. 

Prepaid Load Services
Prepaid Load Services

4. Complete Application and Obtain Retailer SIM Card

Fill out the retailer application form provided by the retailer partner. Submit the required documents, and upon approval, you'll receive a special retailer SIM card. This card is tailored for loading purposes and is distinct from regular SIM cards.

5. Load Your Retailer Wallet and Start Selling

Load an initial amount into your retailer wallet – this is the fund you'll use to sell prepaid to customers.Begin selling to customers, and inquire about any available reward programs for retailers to maximise your benefits.

By following these steps, you also open doors to earning commissions and possibly enjoying rewards through special programs. If you decide to become a Load Retailer and use an application for assistance, you'll be able to sell these credits to others more effectively. 

People purchase loads to use their phones for calling, texting, and accessing the internet. By choosing SmartSari, you gain the advantage of a seamless and reliable platform. For accurate and up-to-date information about transfers and other features, trust the official guidelines or reach out to SmartSari's dedicated customer support. Make the smart choice for your load retailing journey!

How to Transferring Load Credits from Your Wallet to Retailer SIM

Transferring Load Credits

Transferring Load Credits

You'll need to follow the specific procedures provided by the telecommunications company you are working with. Generally, the process involves using special codes or commands. Here's a general guide:

1. Know Your Telecom Provider's Procedure

Different telecom providers may have specific procedures and codes for transferring load from your load wallet to your retailer SIM. Check the official website of your telecom provider or contact their customer support to get the correct information.

2. Dial the Transfer Code

Typically, you'll need to dial a specific code on your phone to initiate the load transfer. This code is usually a combination of numbers and symbols.

3. Enter Verification Details

After dialling the code, you may be prompted to enter verification details. This could include your retailer number, a PIN, or other information to confirm the transfer.

4. Confirm the Transfer

Follow the on-screen or automated instructions to confirm the transfer. Make sure to double-check the details, including the amount, before confirming.

5. Receive Confirmation Message

Once the transfer is successful, you should receive a confirmation message. This message will confirm that the load has been transferred from your load wallet to your retailer SIM.

6. Check Your Retailer Balance

To ensure the transfer was successful, check the balance on your retailer SIM. You should see the updated amount reflecting the transfer.


Remember, the specific steps and codes may vary depending on your telecom provider, so it's essential to refer to their official guidelines or contact their customer support for accurate and up-to-date information.


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What Equipment Needed to be a Load Retailer?

Equipment Needed to be a Load Retailer

Equipment Needed to be a Load Retailer

This business typically requires minimal equipment to get started. Here's a basic list of equipment needed:

  1. Retailer SIM Card (if you choose SIM card option)- This SIM card is essential for processing the transactions.
  2. Mobile phone - It is necessary for accessing the retailer menu and inputting codes to process load transactions
  3. Retailer Application- Some telecom providers offer retailer applications that streamline the process of selling.
  4. Cash Register or Cash Handling System: If you're conducting transactions in a physical store, having a cash register or a reliable cash handling system is important for managing payments and providing receipts to customers.
  5. Promotional Materials - Consider having promotional materials, such as posters or signs, to let customers know that you offer the services. 


It's advisable to check with the telecom company or authorised retailer partner for any additional equipment or specific guidelines they may have for load retailers.


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Get The Benefits of Being a Credit Seller

Benefit from Being a Credit Seller

Benefit from Being a Credit Seller

Ever thought about being a load retailer? It's more than just selling mobile credit. Imagine being the go-to person in your community for prepaid load services. Here’s the benefits:

  1. Earn Commissions -  You’ll receive commissions for each transaction, providing a reliable source of income.
  2. More customers, more sales opportunities - Offering load services attracts more customers, boosting foot traffic and providing a convenient option for people to top up their mobile credits.
  3. Participation in Reward Programs:- Some telecom providers offer reward programs for retailers, including incentives, bonuses, or redeemable points.
  4. Low Start-Up Costs and Flexibility - I’s requires a minimal initial investment, offering flexibility in operation as a stand-alone venture or as part of an existing business.


Becoming a Load Retailer is a simple way to start a small business and help your community stay connected. It's an opportunity to earn a little extra while making mobile services available to those around you. By learning how to start a load business, you’ll get the more profits. Let’s grow your load retail store now with SmartSari!